Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers at is important to us. Therefore, we encourage you to read our privacy policy in order to understand what kind of information we collect and how this information would be used. 

We will never distribute your personal information to a third party in any way.

Collection of Information

Any information that we collect from our customers such as name, address, e-mail, phone number, etc. is solely used to complete customers’ online transactions, specific customer requests, and for communication purposes. You will be contacted only regarding your purchase in order to expedite our assistance. Your contact information such as e-mail or mailing address could be used for advertising promotions related only to We will not share your information with any third party. As we care about your security, we may share your personal information with other government agencies or companies assisting us with the transaction in order to prevent fraudulent actions against your identity.

Commitment to Data Security

We are using the latest security encryption on our web site to ensure your maximum security. When you visit our web site, you will notice a lock in the address bar of your browser. This is an indication that our web site is protected. None of your information will be stored on our website. Your credit card information will be encoded into random codes and sent to a credit card authorization company through a secure encrypted gateway that is used by most of the online companies to avoid any fraud or identity theft. 

Cookie/Tracking Technology

Most of the websites use cookies, which are used to save your browsing session when you visit websites. Our web site does not use cookies and we do not transfer any information from your computer to our website. Your session will not be saved on our server. If you close your browser, your session will be lost and you would have to start over. Since only registered customers can shop on our web site, your shopping cart content will be saved if you log out from your account. We do not use any tracking technology, and none of your information is registered on our website. 

Errors and Changes

Typographical errors do happen and we reserve the right to change any information on our web site without prior notice. Changing information also includes change of prices.